Is Everyone In Your Practice

Working Towards Common Goals?

Overwhelmed with so much to do? Does the thought of an employee taking a day off worry you? Are you working harder with less to show for it? Does it feel like all your revenues support everyone but you?

If you're like most professional practice owners, then it's highly likely...

Look… You’re tired of watching margins shrink and bottom line profits dwindle to levels that make it seem pointless to even run a business at times. If that’s not enough, you have more to do and less resources to do it with. And racing from one fire to the next is not what you intended. Knowing what to do and when to do it are one thing. Knowing who should be doing it so it makes the most sense to your business is a whole other thing. And it isn’t just you experiencing this… Look around! It’s everywhere. But does that mean you should keep on banging your head against the wall doing things the way you always have done them?

NO! In fact, you’ll be as extinct as the dinosaurs if you play the game of business with that mindset. It’s time to GET YOUR BUSINESS RUNNING ON ONE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM!

What is meant by "Working Towards A Common Goal?"

Most entrepreneurs have not fully defined how others will work with them and for them. That leads to each person being able to make decisions based on their own way of doing things. Getting your team  working towards a common goal means getting everyone to operate the same way. When everyone in your business is on the same level of understanding, solving issues the same way, making decisions guided by a clear vision with specific goals, you can get the inertia you need to break through the ceiling that holds you back.

As cash from credit sources has been evaporating at alarming rates, some entrepreneurs realized, too late for some mind you, that the only REAL source of cash is pure "profit on cash collected" (assuming they pay their bills). Yes we are talking about the kind of money you can touch and feel and put in the bank or in your wallet, not the kind that shows up in the accounts receivable section of your balance sheet. You know you need to effectively manage your costs and your profit. And doing that well is the difference between having bankable cash, or not.

What’s sad right now is that too many operators run their business from their heads and not from well thought out plans. And without proper planning, it's difficult to manage your way to strong profits.


The game you are in right now is still the same game you were playing way back when. You provide services that people need/want and they are supposed to buy them, right? But the season… Ah yes the season… The season has changed massively and you must figure out how to play the same game with the rules of the new season. Look at how many big box players are entering the space and insurance is driving consumers to think twice about where to go and what services to say yes to. To survive, you must learn the new rules of the game! For you, it's imperative that you operate on one complete managment system with simple tools to achieve what you want.

With so much information driving people’s behaviors, you must improve how you communicate with your employees so that they, in turn, represent you and your business in the best light possible. That requires that you create a unified vision, have good people on the bus, utilize logical metrics to manage performance, solve issues efficiently and effectively, dial in the core processes of the business, and ultimately meet regularly to set, manage, and reach goals. 

What's that all about?

In its simplest form, it’s the means through which any business accomplishes what it set out to do. It's the instruction and behavioral guide to operate the business by design. 

We live in a world today where there is seemingly little time for planning. And planning is hardly considered a valuable exercise in the small business world. We are hell-bent with only one thing on our minds… to reach business success as fast as we can. But as you've noticed, there comes a point in time where you begin to hit one ceiling after another and to break through takes herculean efforts.

This is the result of your early on success followed by growing pains. Growth is great, but it brings about a whole new set of challenges. These challenges stem from the complex nature of bringing new people into your organization and you not having a clearly defined culture. When we bring employees on and they are allowed to be themselves, that's great. Well, that's great if they share your values. Often times they don't and that leads to one set of problems. Couple that with the need for more resources and more training and more customer demand for support and you have the makings of some serious changes needed by your business potentially from people that don't really fit in.

So with all of this growth and its set of complexities, your day (and that of your managers) tend to look like firefighters rather than business people. It's not neccessarily a competency or capability issue. It's a systems issue that can be solved by operating from the same point of view.

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