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Dentist - Sycamore Hills Dentistry, Fort Wayne, IN

As a former Navy man I understand the importance of a rudder and a power plant. In order to move, you need to have all the parts of your engine working. In order to move in a specific direction, you need a rudder. And as good as all of that is, without a plan, how would you know where you are going? Thanks to working with Frank I finally feel like a captain with a great crew. My business has a solid foundation, a clear set of priorities and a team that's on board making it happen. Thanks Frank!

Frank Curtin

The Get It Done Guy

What You’ll Get During This Business Management Free Strategy Call

Business at its fundamental core is a matter of people, process and product. Whether you are performing a full mouth restoration or onboarding a new staff member, people are doing things that have an expected outcome. The patient wants a beautiful smile that functions well. The new staff member wants a good start in their new job. The team wants a new team member to know their roles and fit the culture. It's fundamentally all about setting and meeting expectations.

What You’ll Do Before the Call 

We have an intake form that asks many questions about you and your company. By completing this form, we'll have a good understanding about what's going on with you and your business. This will allow us to be far more productive on the call.

What Happens During the Call 

We are going to explore the challenges you told us about and we'll look to potential solutions that best meet your needs. At the end of the day, stress is a function of unknown outcomes. Whatever is stressing you is simply a matter of having a plan to face it.

What Changes After the Call 

You'll know what actions you can take to improve anything you face. You'll know what options are available to you to make that happen. And you'll know if we are the group to help you or if going in another direction is best for you.

How Business Owners Get What They Want!

  • Clarity

  • Accountability System

  • Meet Staff Expectations

Clarity is a matter of answering 7 key questions

  • Clarity of Purpose – Why do we exist as a company?
  • Clarity of Beliefs – What do we believe that are non-negotiable behaviors?
  • Clarity of Direction – What do we want to achieve 5 years from now?
  • Clarity of Attraction – Who is our ideal audience and why do they choose us?
  • Clarity of 2 Year Outlook – What should we look like 2 years from now if we are on track to our 5 year goal?
  • Clarity of Goals – What should we be focused on this year to be on track with 2 year outlook?
  • Clarity of Priorities – What must we focus on this quarter to be on track with our 1 year plan?

About Frank Curtin

Frank has been working as a business consultant for over 25 years stemming back to his days at IBM. Working on processes and strategic plans are of great joy to Frank. And having the opportunity to work heavily with dental practice owners over the past 5 years has given him great insights into what works and what doesn't work when running a practice. As Frank likes to say, "It's not about doing things the right way or wrong way, it's about taking actions and getting results. The results you get are either effective or ineffective. That's up to you to decide. There is no such thing as failure, only failure to learn. There are only actions that produce outcomes and learnings."

Why They Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call with Frank

henry ernst

Dentist - Charlotte, NC

I'm the type of person who if you do well by me I'm going to be your biggest fan and promoter. Frank has been amazing to work with and his ability to connect with doctors and team members is awesome. He's constantly working behind the scenes with my Office Manager and whenever something new arises Frank's there to help and we get it done. Thank you Frank!

mike atencio

Dentist - Reno, NV

Frank has extensive knowledge of how a dental practice runs. He is able to relate to all the staff and their roles while he helps them develop and explain their individual business plan. He excels in facilitating and guiding the group where they need to go to develop as a team. He was also available every day to help us with questions, especially during meeting times, or with any questions regarding our accountability chart.

anthony do

Dentist - McKinney, TX

Some people who enter your life are blessings. I consider Frank a blessing. The wisdom Frank imparted on me and my practice are truly appreciated. Now that we have our system in place we are able to grow by design and achieve our shared objectives. I can't begin to express the mindset change I've gone through where I was initially thinking of a lifestyle practice and now I've got an Associate and we are growing!

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