If I could describe you with two words they would most likely be: EXTREMELY INVOLVED

As an "extremely involved" professional practice owner, you are involved in everything. You put out fires daily. You help your staff when you see they need it. You are constantly on top of each departments responsibilities because you care far too much to let it go without your involvement. I get it. The challenge is you risk major burn out at the expense of a good lifestyle.

The problem isn't that you own a business. The problem is that your business owns you! In other words, you own a job! And that means as you go, so goes the business.

Since you’re here right now, something tells me that you want a business that isn't solely reliant on you and your efforts, but rather is run smoothly and efficiently by a team of people all sharing your vision and moving the company in your direction. Am I right?

If you're like most professional practice owners, then it's highly likely...

  • You don’t have enough money to reach your current and long-term financial goals
  • You're afraid you’ll have to work until you're 70+ with no comfortable retirement in sight
  • You're worried about government intrusion and regulation increasing your overhead and frustration
  • Your taxes get higher and higher every year
  • You feel like you're losing control of what you've invested your professional lifetime building
  • Corporate clinics are invading, threatening your solo or small group practice
  • The federal debt is sky-high and entitlements keep rising – will you become a target as a high earner? Some politicians are already talking wealth taxes.
  • You're questioning whether you're facing the prospect of working 30+ years and selling your practice for peanuts, right?

While not every statement above may apply to you, many do. And because you care about your business, your family, your staff and yourself, you don't take this responsibility lightly. But there's good news... you don't have to do it alone!

I help people get what they want from their businesses. I do that by providing a comprehensive system that starts with a shared vision, gets the right people on the bus, utilizes performance driven metrics, creates a system for solving problems, solidifies core processes and ultimately set and achieve realistic goals. And in doing so, I help relieve a great deal of stress that often times overwhelms practice owners. 


In Helping First - we provide value with no expectations

"It is important that we focus on helping people solve their issues whether or not we get compensated. We do that by taking your call and listening to what you have going on and providing direction where needed and services when desired."

In Doing The Right Thing - we act like mom's watching everything we do

"It's not enough that we behave a certain way when someone is looking. The right way to behave is to always do the right thing, even if it costs us money because it's something that we should do."

In Being Humbly Confident - we know our stuff without being arrogant

"We know things that our clients do not. Our clients know things that we do not. When we share what we know, it's important that we provide our insights with humility and respect for the other person. We all have things we don't know so acting like we are superior to someone else is unacceptable behavior. It's about being respectful and vulnerable at the same time."

In Having Tactical Discipline - we follow the process

"There are many ways to accomplish similar things. Our Company has spent an enormous amount of time creating and implementing the processes that provide our clients with a consistent and reliable outcome. Following or not following our process is not an option. Our clients expect a similar experience to what our previous clients have received and we will follow our processes to ensure they do."

In Exhibiting Professionalism - we are always respectful of people and their situation

"While you might think this goes without saying, it deserves to be said. People are at different places in their life and in business. In no situation do we assume we know. We ask a lot of questions to best understand each client and we show respect to them at all times. We never practice situational respect. That's simply wrong!"


The Smart Guides (a.k.a., TSG) was established in January of 2011. During it's initial stages, the company was focused on helping small businesses create business and marketing strategies and offered additional services creating online sales funnels. In early 2013, the business strategy services demand led a shift in the company focus to solely business strategy and operations. This was where Frank's talents were the strongest. TSG implements common goal strategies for private professional practice owners with employees ranging from 2 to 50. Today, TSG focuses heavily on the Practice Management System designed specifically for Professional Practice Owners wanting more from their businesses.

In 2018, TSG added the Same Page Mastermind to their offerings bringing practice owners and industry specialists as well as investment education experts to combat the limited financial advice most practice owners are steered into. TSG also recently added a training software product called PracticePro Software. This software was designed by 17 dentists for the dental community. It took into account their wants and needs and even though it's in beta, it now offers this to the dental community.

Our team consists of business strategists, system implementors, and graphic designers. TSG is highly skilled at adding the necessary resources needed to complete any implementation and/or facilitation service undertaken. 

FRANK CURTIN has been involved in the financial lives of others since he was 10 years old. Working with his father, a professional financial and tax consultant, Frank was doing tax returns at the early age of 12 and was involved with financial modeling of businesses since he was 17. Frank has worked as a project manager for environmental consulting firms, a supply chain management consultant for IBM Global Services (5 years of business process transformation), and now helps private practice owners with their practice strategies, systems, as well as a community of dental practice owners via the Same Page Mastermind. 

Frank earned his Master of Business Administration from The Ohio State University, his Graduate Certificate in Administration and Management from Harvard University, and his Bachelor of Science from Kent State University. Utilizing his 30+ years of business experience, Frank is pleased to offer the benefit of his knowledge in an easy to understand format for any entity desiring better outcomes, higher margins, or complete turnarounds. Frank’s aptitude for solving problems is always at work. His joy in life comes from assisting others to gain control over their lives so that they may have a balance of health, wealth and happiness. 

What’s become clear to me is that helping others in any capacity is why God put me here on earth. When the people I help (or work with) overcome their challenges, they come to realize that these situations will improve with the right guidance and that joy will fill their lives; so long as they seek it. That is so rewarding to me!

Frank Curtin

Frank is a father of two boys, James (1997 – 2005) and Andrew, husband to Michele, and resides in Tampa, Florida.

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