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Dentist - Charlotte, NC

I've had the opportunity to work with Frank when he implemented his system into my dental practice. I was growing fast and things were highly chaotic. Once the system was in place, we experienced control over our destiny that Frank promised we would. I have since built my practice to the point where I sold it for more than I thought was possible. It was enough that I had to say yes. This system has made so many of my dreams come true.

Frank Curtin


What You’ll Get During This Bootcamp 

Full System

Implementation and Execution Training

The two day bootcamp will have preparing to work on your business in a way you never have. Here are some of the tools and tactics you'll learn to use in your business to help determine the best course of action for the greater good!

  • Lead and Manage - training for your team to understand what it means to lead and manage
  • Accountability System - teach how to structure the business operationally, establish clear roles, and prioritize the most important roles for staff clarity.
  • Roles & Responsibilities - teach how to create roles for all seats in your structure and maintain it
  • Business Systems - teach what a system is and how to create them to work in your favor
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) - teach team how to measure what's important
  • Priorities/Rocks - teach team how to prioritize opportunities by solving important problems first
  • S.W.O.T. Analysis - teach team how to use a consultants secret weapon
  • Porter's Five Forces - teach team how to see where profits get squeezed to peak awareness
  • Leadership Meetings - annual, quarterly, weekly and daily meetings that make a difference 
  • Core Values - the non-negotiable behaviors held by the organization creating the culture
  • Purpose/Your Why - gives rise to the essence of what's being done and can be rallying cry
  • Stretch Goal - a five year look into the future based on your purpose with a singular focus
  • Marketing Strategy - who you cater to and why people choose you over your competition
  • 2-Year Outlook - longer planning of where you might need to be to achieve your stretch goal
  • 1-Year Plan - shorter planning of where you might need to be to achieve your 2-year outlook
  • 90-Day Priorities/Rocks - the short term plan of where you need to progress this quarter to be on track for your 1-year plan
  • Business Glossary - terms used in business that may be new to some of your leaders

In just two days, you and your integrator will know how to properly implement and execute the system so you can take full advantage of what it feels like to have clarity, direction, and a strong sense of purpose. Watching your staff members grow with you because they are now integral to your success and future plans is amazing. It's simply amazing to see it happening and be a part of it!

What You’ll Do Before the Bootcamp

Here you receive your digital copies of our work products to review prior to coming. You will begin to design your structure with our team. We get you ready to undertake the full system.

What Happens During the Bootcamp

In two days you will fully understand how to implement the system properly so that you have the vision and clarity you want from your business. It's all about team effort and team contributions to bring it to life.

What Changes After the Bootcamp

You implement the system with your director of operations so that your vision is clear, your path is clear, and you and your team are all rowing in the same direction. From there it's simply wash, rinse and repeat!

About Frank Curtin

I have worked with hundreds of dentists and dental professionals helping them build their business by implementing systems for managing and operating the business. The results each business gets are based on what they want from the business. Some people want to build a multiple practice business. Others are seeking one mega- practice and then there are those that seek a lifestyle business where the business is not fully dependent on the doctor. Regardless of what you want, you need a system if you seek the time and financial freedom that those who own a job rarely enjoy.

Why Dental Owners Recommend Having a Real Management and Operating System

Implementing anything in a business requires change and often times our staff members are not excited to comply. Most change is thrust upon your people, not done collaboratively with them. This management system is all about getting people on the same page and owning it!

I cut my hours and we are growing...

My business has grown tremendously in the past year and a half since implementing the system. Problems are brought up and solved rather brushed aside and never dealt with. The meetings are an atmosphere where there is input from all leaders in the office, and in turn that creates a capacity to solve problems from all aspects. This helps us form more effective solutions. Before, I had a vision but I wasn't good at enrolling people in my vision. Now thanks to the system we are all having input in the vision where we want "our" office to go.

MIKE ATENCIO  //  Dentist - Reno, NV

I now do the things I highly value...

The team operates on a high level and takes care of issues as they arise on their own.  This has allowed me to step back and let them create the systems we need to grow as a company. Implementing this system allows the team to take care of the day to day, freeing myself to do what I enjoy, which is building the business.

CHRIS OLIVER  //  Dentist - Charleston, SC

I focus on the big picture and things get done...

Issues are handled quickly and policies are put in place to help move the practice in the direction of our goals. Before, issues were handled only after they had become huge problems and couldn't be ignored or never brought up at all. One of the things I like about Frank is from the beginning his goal is for you to be able implement all the aspects of the system yourself with confidence. 

TIM SCOTT  //  Dentist - Benton, AR

We now work towards a greater purpose...

The leadership team is now on the same page, We can all see the obstacles and work to overcome them together, I have enjoyed the mental break of knowing that others are working with me to get things that I used to only do myself. Now the workload is dispersed and the leadership team and I have established protocols to take things off my plate because they know that we are much more effective as a team when everyone is focused on the things they specialize in. Working with Frank has been a life-changing experience. I have learned how to effectively run an organization that is growing and more complex. The employees are much happier, they see the big picture, and we are all working towards that greater purpose. 

NICK RORICK  //  Dentist - Fort Wayne, IN

Why Dental Office Managers Recommend Having a Real Management and Operating System

Doc and I are now on the same page...

Prior to working with the management system, we were struggling to find accountability amongst each department. There was lack of ownership and priorities. Since implementing this system, the employees understand our culture, who we are and what we are striving for collectively. Not only did they help build it, but also they take ownership of it.

JUNEE BRIVESCAS  //  Office Manager/Integrator - Charleston, SC

Frank is a fantastic teacher and coach...

The vibe of the office has completely changed for the BETTER now that we know exactly what kind of employee we are looking for and exactly what kind of employees create the toxic environment that we do not want.  Follow the system and stay true to it. It helps ensure a positive work environment and of course helps you tackle the goals we created as a team! I 100% recommend this system!

BRI REIDENBACH  //  Office Manager/Integrator - Fort Wayne, IN

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