Employment Opportunity Challenge!

  1. Create an account on DocAndDo.com (create the Free account)
    • Use your real name (ie, Bill Cole)
    • Mash your name together for your username (ie., Bill Cole = “BillCole“) Your username is how you will login to the system
    • Select the “Free” account upon first login
  2. Using the help system for instructions, http://support.docanddo.com:
    • Upload your profile picture
    • Add the template titled “Business Systems Documentation Overview” to your Entity
    • Add a new “documents” function called “Employment Test” to your personal entity. When you add your first hierarchy item, you will click on it and see “Section” as the top box on the right. You should not see as a top box, “Files” or “Steps” as that is an indication you added the incorrect Function Type.
    • Invite the “frank-demo” user to that function via Add Follower in the Function (add as a “User“, not “Guest or Manager”). The instructions of how to add a user to a function will show you how to do this.
    • Add the first hierarchy item called “Workflow Example 1”
  3. Go to www.creately.com and create a free account

NOTE: Once my invitation to your function, “Employment Test” hits my inbox, I’ll take the next step.

————————-<I’ll do this>————————–

I‘ll create an invitation to “ABC Business Examples” Entity with access to:
==> Example Real Estate Process (UT) >> Deal Acquisition >> Short Sale Appointment
==> Example Real Estate Process (UT) >> Lead Generation >> Salt Lake County Records NOD List

————————-<Back to you>————————–

Once you have been invited in, complete the following tasks:

  1. Within Doc&Do, Go to Short Sale Appointment
  2. Download SS Appointment.pdf document (it’s a workflow diagram)
  3. Convert the diagram into a section data following the example in “Salt Lake County Records NOD List
  4. Using the format in the Salt Lake County Section, create a similar look for Short Sale Appointment using the workflow diagram as your guide. (This is the conversion of a diagram to text part of the test)
  5. Add the text with the formatting to your “Employment Test” function in the “Workflow Example 1” content in the Section area. This is in your Entity.
    • State Purpose, Initiating Event, Goal, and Tactic as the top of section.
    • Have a Setup section which is all the things needed to get ready to do work, like opening up webpages, logging into certain sites, executing searches, etc..
    • Have a execution section, like data entry, or other.
    • Use numbered bullets (ordered lists) for numbering steps
    • Use “Indents” to have sub sections like you see right here. For indented parts, use unnumbered bullets (unordered lists) like you see here.
  6. Take the diagram, login to Creately.com and create the exact same diagram (previously done in a desktop tool, and make this look aesthetically appealing. I’m looking for a nice look and feel, but the logic is very important and if printed by an end user, it’s easy to read and follow.
    • Set page dimensions to 8.5×11 landscape
    • Set margins to 0.25 for top/bottom and sides of page
    • Make sure drawing is on 8 height by 10 width to allow for maximum drawing area
    • Apply a very light background gradient to whole diagram using white and 10% gray (gray at bottom)
    • Attempt to get entire diagram within the space, ensuring the flow is clear
    • Use rectangles for processes, double side bar rectangles for sub-processes, diamonds for decisions, and terminators for initiating events and goals
    • Use connector lines to make the diagram show flows. Make sure you use aesthetically pleasing alignment of items to avoid odd looking connections. Use of curved flow lines are better than right angled shifting lines where appropriate.
  7. Export the diagram as a pdf and load into your “Employment Test” function in the “Workflow Example 1” content in the Media/Supporting Files area

Upon completion, I’ll be notified and will review for accuracy, design look and feel, and I’d like then discuss the time it took you so I can get a handle for your speed. I fully understand this is your first time so the time to complete will obviously get much faster as time goes on.

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