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ATTENTION: Dental Practice Owners!

Do you feel like your practice owns you?

Are you the sole leader making all the decisions?

Does it feel like people do just enough to not get fired?

You can have a practice with a clear vision!

You can have a practice with accountable staff!

You can have clarity for your staff members!

You can have better communications internally and externally!

You can have focused efforts!

If you're like most professional practice owners, then it's highly likely you are the one in charge and the one calling all the shots. You carry the weight of your office on your shoulders.   

It doesn't have to be this way. You can implement a system with simple tools designed to bring you and your team vision, clarity and most importantly, the accountability you desire so you do not have to carry the entire load.    

You can create a practice where your vision is created by you and your leadership team. They can take ownership of the goals you set because they are involved and have a say in the goal setting process. This will lead to a higher level of trust as you allow more and more of the responsibilities to be handled by your team. It's how you both grow.

Let's take a look at the True Impact of Practice Ownership


Description and/or Propensity

Problem (before situation)

Practice owns you; you are sole leader making all the decisions; people only seem to do enough to not get fired

Impact (negative effects of problem)

Tough to manage practice chair-side; people limit their helpfulness; practice is stagnant; the weight of the office is on your back

Results (what's available)

Clear vision; clear collaborated strategy; clarity for team members; better communication; focused efforts

Duration (length of time results can last)

Timeless benefits; awesome culture; attitude of accountability

Intangibles (other improvements)

Staff takes ownership of practice; people surprise you with drive; more trust among the staff

Emotion (intangibles impact)

Happy staff; happy patients; happy owners; great energy in the office

Personal (what gets better)

More free time; better structure to your day; less stress; more energy; accountability

Ripples (who else benefits)

Staff members get new life; family gets more of you; you are more energized with your family; patients get your staff's best

Cost (if no action taken)

Stressful days; disengaged with family; constantly distracted; complacent staff

Value (of taking action)

Time freedom; stress reduced; staff empowered; strong practice; high patient satisfaction; higher profitability

What Expectations Might Your Staff Have of You?

They might expect the following:

  • Clear understanding of why you exist – they either resonate with that or not.
  • Clear understanding of how to behave – they like your values or not.
  • Clear understanding of where this company is headed – they either like that bus or not.
  • Clear understanding of who to serve – they either appreciate that or not.
  • Clear understanding of what to expect over the long haul – they either like your 5 year plan or not.
  • Clear understanding of what to expect over the next 2 years – they either like the direction or not.
  • Clear understanding of what’s important this year – they either get behind it or not.
  • Clear understanding of what the next 90 days will require from them – they are either up for it or not.
  • Clear understanding that you’ll provide them what they need to do their job well – they like the resources or not.
  • Clear understanding of what their job and roles are – they are either onboard with that or not.
  • Clear understanding of what is important for them to be working on – they either agree with these priorities or not.
  • Clear understanding of how to perform their roles your way – they are either coachable or not.
  • Clear understanding of what it means to be employed here – they are either on board with that or not.
  • Clear understanding of what they can expect from their fellow team members – they either like the culture or not.

All in all, there are many questions that a business owner must ask and answer. But doing it alone is not the best way to achieve that. Building a team of leaders who meet with you regularly to take on the answers to these questions will guide you down the path of excellence. 

If you would like help with implementing a system like this, we can help.