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Freedom Founders Mastermind
Wendy Sweet & Bill Fairman 
Founders - Carolina Hard Money
Tom Olson 
Leadership Team - Good Success

Thanks so much for your help in defining my role as the integrator. Before we went through your program, I was trying to be the integrator but didn't have the power to decline the dozens of new ideas that were tossed my way each week. Because of this, we had a huge ongoing list of projects but none of them ever seemed to be completed in a timely matter and we weren't able to determine which ideas were actually benefiting our core business and profits. Now after going through your workshop, we choose the most important tasks to work on each quarter and I am able to turn down additional ideas when we don't have the capacity to take them on. This has made a massive impact on our business and had made my life much more enjoyable. Thanks again!

Angela Thomas 
Integrator - RonPhillips.com

We have benefited tremendously by joining the EOS process with Frank! Hands down, the communication within each department has been the greatest result. By defining a Leadership Team that meets on a Weekly basis, that truly fills the ‘ownership mentality’ shoes, we are able to diligently break down any barriers and issues that hold our office back from the potential that the Doctor is striving to accomplish. Establishing our Core Values and carrying them through each quarterly review has taken our employees and their performance to another level of excellence! And finally, by establishing a Process for each and every task that is completed on a daily basis, has been a tremendous help in the training of new employees. The EOS program has been an investment that continues to show the value day after day within our office and our staff members.

Michelle Haber 
Integrator - Ueber & Friedrich Dentistry

EOS has been a life changing experience for me and our team. The most important thing that I have gleaned from this process is to simplify. As an Integrator, Frank Curtin has taught me how to make everything I do Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Timely. When this approach is taken, anything can be accomplished! I have learned to be a better listener, make decisions based on what is best for the practice & team and gained the knowledge to become a strong leader. Frank has supported me through this endeavor and always been available to answer my questions or talk through my concerns. His career experience allows him to be the best he can be at implementing such a system and his compassion and caring attitude is what makes him a great consultant.

Melanie Feeney 
Integrator - Stryker Orthodontics

Frank is one of those brilliant individuals that's rare to run across because very few people in the world have a crystal-clear understanding of the synergy between technology, sales, and marketing and their affect to the business bottom-line. 

Frank has the ability to take very complex subjects and break them down into layman's terms for the average individual. His ability to take data and organize it into systems, processes, and procedures is unlike any I have ever run across in 15+ years in business.

If you're considering working with Frank in any way shape or form, you will not know what you're missing out on until you work with Frank on a project.

Frank, thank you for your mentorship and guidance -- I appreciate you!!

Imran Rahman
CEO & Founder at Rahman Media

As a business consultant it is critical that one have very strong skills in project management, sales skills, pipeline building, workflow, etc. Frank is extremely well qualified in all of those areas. What is more important in a business consultant is that he be more concerned about doing what is right and that he be of impeccable ethics. That describes Frank. I have had first hand experience with Frank where he gave me advice that led me away from a very large contract for him but put me in the right direction for my business. I highly recommend Frank and would trust him with my life.

Bob Massey
Real Estate Entrepreneur & Investing Coach

Frank is a high energy, honest, and capable businessman. I have known Frank for years and would trust him with most any project.

Dennis Henson

Dennis Henson
President at Vanguard Marketing & Investments Inc

Frank is an exceptional business strategist with a keen vision for addressing projects requirements that provide positive and measurable results. I’ve had the opportunity of working with Frank in several projects and his ability to dissect and simplify the most complicated sales processes has always amazed me. Not only is he extremely qualified and experienced in sales funnel, product design and launches but he is also a great person with impeccable integrity.

Richard Osterude
Author, Speaker, Online and Social Media Marketing Strategist

Frank is an excellent resource and service provider with a multi faceted skill set! Not only is he excellent at what he does he is also an all around Great guy I would highly recommend!

Todd Dotson
President at Todd Dotson Training Systems

Frank is a great strategist for online business and is an expert at planning and building a sales funnel and great at launching that funnel and making it work. Frank is super high-integrity, goes above and beyond what is expected, and knows his craft. He is an excellent consultant or business partner.

Bob Diamond
Attorney and Business Owner

Frank has a unique ability to wrangle the multiple moving pieces of an operation or project into manageable chunks, create those parts and make sure they all flow in a nice harmonious way. Solid guy who always delivers a solid performance.

Doug Ottersburg
Business & Life Strategist 

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