Same Page Mastermind
For Dental Practice
"Owners & Integrators"

Your elite board of advisors

Because being on the same page is an imperative!

Join Us January 4th/5th in Tampa!

Just in time for your next annual meeting! Join us for 2 full days of masterminding to get you and your integrator on the same page and get your integrator fully prepared to facilitate an awesome meeting!

  • Same Page MM is for those companies who've implemented Traction and want to have a great annual meeting.
  • Same Page MM members are open and honest and speak with love and truth because "yes men" do not help a leadership team become their best.
  • Same Page MM is limited to 12 companies that become your "Elite Board of Advisors" and is an application only mastermind.
  • Same Page MM Board of Advisors will help you explode your opportunities while helping you get your leadership team on the same page for your over arching vision that only owners possess.
  • Same Page MM is all about collaboration creating greatness through a shared desire to grow and members who care enough to help your become your absolute best version of you.
  • Same Page MM is for those who want the best annual meeting they can muster and use the brain trust to figure out what major accomplishments need to be included. It's also for those who simply want to know how to maximize each and every exercise conducted in such a way that all your leaders get the most from your time together.

Your two takeaways are...

First, get you and your integrator on the same page with what you want. At the end of the day, your integrator is there to carry out your desires to a higher degree than if you tried to impose it on the whole team. That looks like dictating. This will have you guiding and facilitating your desires and completely getting your team to play full out around that.

Second, you get your integrator fully prepared to facilitate a great annual meeting. We'll deep dive the structure of the meeting and run through mock scenarios for some key exercises. This will lead to better planning and a more dialed in vision. 


  • Preparation: You will get what you want, but only if you really know what you want in the first place. Take the time to prepare!
  • Feed the Beast: Give your absolute BEST and you will get everyone else's ABSOLUTE BEST. Your energy feeds the beast!
  • Results: The scales will always tip in your favor because everyone wants to see you exceed your capabilities. And you will reciprocate!
  • Hot Seats: You get 30 minutes. Show what you can contribute and be prepared to deep dive how we can best help you. The power of your peers is immense!
  • Emphasis: Focus on effective and forget about the hoopla of being a presenter. We'll show you how with a framework for your talk. 

Hot Seats - Putting the focus on you!

In my opinion, the hot seat is something each member should get at each meeting they attend and the entire group brainstorms with that person or team on the subject of that members choosing.

In a powerful mastermind, everyone participates in the conversation so the size of the group is extremely important. Ideally a group of 12 to 20 members help maximize the overall benefits.

What does it mean to be on the same page?

Every owner has a dream for their business and that's a good thing. Every staff member has a dream for their life, which may or may not have anything to do with your business. So how do we align the vision of an owner with the dreams that your integrator may possess for themselves business wise?

It starts with a clear articulation of what's in the head of the owner. As the details begin to shape how the future should look from the owners perspective, the integrator begins to see the path the owner ultimately wants. In knowing this, the leadership team will ultimately come up with the master vision, and the integrator will help guide it towards the end goal of the owner. Using a hot seat model, an owner can express the vision and the members will be able to help the integrator see how they can best accommodate that while still empowering the leadership team to create the best plan for the company, all with the greater good in mind.

I've seen a number of owners hell bent on having a certain vision carried out. For those who implemented traction, you know this is the recipe for a chaotic environment. The business is no longer just an owners business once that first employee is brought on board. It is the means for all staff members to live out their own dreams and we want to create an environment that makes Monday's a great day. So there is a delicate balance between what an owner sees, and how to craft a greater good vision that takes into account all staff members. After all, the greater good does not mean for "for owners only". 

When the owner and the integrator see the things similarly, they can steer things without hindering the leadership teams' planning. And feedback on how others have handled that very topic is how you begin to see ways for you to see things more and more alike.

“When the member gets to pose a problem or question, it forces that member to gain clarity about what help they're really asking for. Then, having a small group of people brainstorm around that problem/question brings a huge amount of creativity to the process. The member in the Hot Seat walks away with many more ideas and solutions than they could generate on their own. That’s why people come to mastermind groups.”

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